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Mensaje por Maldito Hostil el Mar Oct 28, 2008 6:29 pm

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games


Closing Comments

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is a really good competitive
game that's a better multiplayer outing than a solo one. Even though it
looks and sounds great, the DS version of the title loses a bit of its
impact due to its "me too" design against a slightly superior one that
launched almost three months prior. Cheers to the designers to keep the
game interesting with tons of modes and events, but jeers in their
sloppy implementation of Worldwide features and repeating some events
(like Fencing) that didn't really work on the Wii edition.

7.0 Presentation

Lots of events and mini-games, but it's paced a little sluggish and its interface slightly awkward.

8.5 Graphics

Really excellent 3D engine that displays on both screens. It's not
going to look quite as nice as the Wii version, but for Nintendo DS
standards this 3D is top-notch.

8.0 Sound

A good amount of Mario and Sonic-esque music and voice samples from
each of the 16 characters. The announcer is kept to a minimum,

7.5 Gameplay

Single player isn't entirely tough, and the world records are
pretty easy to beat. The real challenge and fun comes from multiplayer.

8.0 Lasting Appeal

Lots of different challenge structures to play, and tons of
missions to complete. Multiplayer is through single and multicart, so
you're all good to go.



(out of 10 / not an average)
Maldito Hostil

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